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These were one of the best bands around, unfortunately they split just as they were getting known They were awsome! Click on the photo for their MySpace or click the link for their Facebook pagesIsolysis

MFN Show n Shine nites

Monday nites is Show n Shine nite @ MFN, Shipley Gate Notinghamshire - take your pride n joy along you may win a trophy, beer n burger! Click on the pic to check out a few photos...

The Beast - Honda Magna V65

Here you have one awesome bike, christened The Beast because he was such a powerful motorcycle! 1100cc's of pure grunt! Click on the pic to go to his Blog!

Kookie - my constant companion

We have 12 great cats, many of which are rescued, taken either from the RSPCA or Cats Protection league, or from places we felt they needed to leave.

Takamine Guitars Website

Have a look around this website. I had one of their acoustic electric guitars, an FP360SC, which was one of the acoustics Pete Townsend used to play a lot! And break on stage!!

A Thousand Enemies

These guys are the best melodic metal rock band around, started up by a couple of guys from Isolysis - Dean Holland (Bane) and Dave 'Rickstein' Wright. They are awsome! Click on the photo for their Facebook page

My Fender GD-200 guitar

One of my newest acoustic guitars, a Fender GD-200. A really nice sounding guitar which is immensely playable - I love it!!

MFN Biker/Triker/Cruiser meets

The local biker/triker meeting place at Shipley Gate, Notiinghamshire that Annabel n I go to occasionally Great place and people! Click on the pic to check out their website!

The Peacock Hotel - Oakerthorpe

Annabel n I used to go to this pub on Tuesday nites during the winter months. We'd meet one of our m8's from the MFN there too, it's changed hands since though. Click on the pic to check out their website!

The Bull's Head - Denby

Annabel n I go to this pub on a ad hoc basis, for lunch and evening meals. It has a very good and varied menu, a great bar of beers etc, the staff are very friendly and it serves great vegetarian meals. Click on the pic to check out their website!

*Welcome to my website! - I have no qualifications in programming or website creation except for a Training For Work NVQ course aimed at office work/admin I had to do in 1995 when I was unemployed. It did give me a basic grounding in the use of various apps such as graphics and wordproecssing, plus a dig into database creation & management. Apart from that, all my skills in website design and creation are self taught, so this site is all my own work, involving many painstaking hours of intensive work. I sourced and adapted the template that the site is constructed from. (I had to learn more HTML code and also learn PHP for this purpose. Prior to creating this site, I knew nothing about PHP) I also adapted the other bits and pieces to put it together, learning basic java, flash coding etc so I could get some nice functionality into it. It still required a lot of time, many hours of research, trial and effort to get running what you see here. So please feel free to contact me about the site or learn more about me and what I do & sell.

Some other pages on this site you might want to check out:

*Bikes, Bands n Boozeups - pages about the bands, rallies and bikes I've been to & seen, got drunk at etc etc…..

*Doc's Gasbag - my blogs where you can check out what I'm into; vinyl records, guitars, female warrior figurines and photography.

*My Online web shop - not open yet, but I will be selling 2nd hand vinyl records, books, US comics and maybe bike n trike stuff.

About DoC:

About me I'm a Biker/Triker based in Derbyshire, UK. Most weeks during the summer you'll find myself & Annabel @ THE bikers meet for miles around called MFN, @ Eastwood, Nottinghamsire (also referred to as "Miles from Fuckin Nowhere!" cos it's situated off the beaten track ).
You'll know me, just look for the guy walking with either a wooden cane or if I'm on my bike, a fancy collapsable walking stick with a dragon for the handle and a pronounced limp - lol!!. read more

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